Health Effect Of Years Of High Triglycerides

You can have high triglycerides for a long time and not even know it. That is because there may be no symptoms with high triglycerides. People can have triglyceride levels of  1000 mg/dl and have no clue that this is happening. Just for a reference point, optimal triglycerides are below 100 mg/dl after fasting.

What are the health effects of years of high triglycerides? Can you reduce any damage caused by them? Can you reverse the effects of high triglycerides? Can you minimize the danger of high triglycerides after having them for years?

Multiple Causes of High Triglycerides

The health effect of high triglycerides really depends on what has caused the condition to begin with. There are many causes of high triglycerides. Common causes include diet, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity and certain drugs.

Not as common is a condition known Type I hyperlipoproteinemia. This is due to a rare genetic mutation of an enzyme involved in the lipid metabolism pathway. Because this is so uncommon, we are not going to include that in this article.

Other causes of high triglycerides include liver disorders, diseases of the pancreas, and hypothyroidism. In these situations, because triglycerides are elevated as a result of the disease process, the health effects will differ from those you may see with common causes.

Cardiovascular Effects of High Triglycerides

In looking at the common causes of high triglycerides, the health effects of years of high triglycerides left untreated are usually cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. When we look at those conditions we usually consider cholesterol as the prime culprit in causing these problems. But recent studies have shown that triglycerides play a huge role, if not a more serious role, in the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Once you have cardiovascular disease as a result of the high triglycerides, can it be reversed? Many physicians think, though, you may be able to slow the progress of heart disease, you cannot reverse it. However, there are some physicians who feel otherwise. One such man is Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

Effects of Triglycerides on the Liver and Pancreas

Even though liver disorders and diseases of the pancreas can lead to high triglycerides, high triglycerides themselves can lead to liver problems and diseases of the pancreas. Frequently, in these situations it is the liver or pancreas problem that leads a person to see the doctor. It is then when the high triglycerides are discovered.

When the high triglycerides are discovered as because of the liver or pancreas problem, can you repair your liver or pancreas if you can control the high triglycerides? That would depend on the amount of damage the liver or pancreas has sustained. More so than the pancreas, the liver is able to heal itself to a point. Every situation is different. However, changing your diet and lifestyle to promote any healing that you can is always beneficial.

Get Tested For High Triglycerides

If you do not know whether you have high triglycerides, you need to be tested. It’s a simple blood test that you can get without a doctor’s order. And even if you find you don’t have high triglycerides, it just makes sense to eat and live the type of lifestyle that won’t lead to conditions such as high triglycerides. Long-term health will be well worth it.