High Triglycerides are Dangerous!

Despite the fact that it receives little publicity compared to cholesterol, the danger of high triglycerides cannot be overstated. Your triglyceride level is very important measure of your over-all health. More people need to be aware of the damage that a high triglyceride level can cause to the major organs of their body.

If you have a high triglyceride level, you are not only at risk for a heart attack, but you are at risk for major damage to your liver, your kidneys, and your pancreas. These are all organs you can’t live long without and not reducing a high triglyceride level can lead to eventual failure, a complete shut-down of these vital organs.

The actual mechanism behind the damage that high triglycerides can do is still unknown, but it is believed that high triglycerides can increase your risk of stroke, in addition to heart attacks and heart disease as they may contribute to the hardening or thickening of your arteries. And, as the arteries in your brain thicken or harden, you may develop problems like dementia or senility.

Very high triglycerides can damage the pancreas and cause it to inflame. This can result in a painful condition called pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a serious issue and can be a very debilitating condition. It can also lead to pancreatic cancer, a terminal type of cancer.

The evidence is mounting that indicates that high triglycerides can result in an early death, whether the death is related to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, pancreatic cancer or liver cancer. The scariest thing is that there are really no outward signs that you have high triglycerides. Too often it is another condition like diabetes or kidney disease that leads you to find out that you are dealing with a triglyceride problem.

As part of a complete disease prevention program, you need to have your triglyceride level tested. It is a simple test that is done as part of a lipid panel which will test your cholesterol levels, too.