The Latest Cholesterol News & Research

With the steadily increasing numbers of Americans getting diagnosed with high cholesterol levels each year, the American government and researchers across the nation are eager to find solutions to this major health problem. In the news on almost a daily basis you will come across articles announcing the results of the most recent cholesterol research. Below you will find excerpts and links to many of those articles. 

Cholesterol-lowering drug may cut risk of pancreas inflammation

according to Fox News.  Some studies have suggested that the cholesterol-lowering drugs statins may raise people’s risk of inflammation of the pancreas, but a new review finds instead the drugs actually lower the risk of the condition.

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Extent to which statin drug lowers cholesterol matches severity of muscle problems 

The problems with muscle pain, weakness & breakdown that people often experience when taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs escalate with increases in the drugs’ “strength or potency,” according to new research at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

That is, the severity of the adverse side effects reported to the FDA increases with the extent to which the drug typically lowers a patient’s cholesterol at “commonly prescribed doses.”

“These findings underscore that stronger statins bear higher risk – and should be used with greater caution and circumspection,” says Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, director of the Statin Adverse Effects Study at UC San Diego, and a co-author of a free full-text report published Aug 22 by PLoS ONE.)

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